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Summit Your Peaks with Tony Mueller Coaching

Tony gauges his own success off the success of his clients. See what they have to say.

Clients have said, "Tony was born to be a coach!"

Tony grew up in his parent’s family-owned business. He was fully immersed in all the glorious successes and challenges associated with owning a business. From an early age, he was dedicated to learning, improving, and growing the business.  While other children his age were playing Legos and make-believe, Tony was learning invaluable communication skills, sales techniques, and practical industry knowledge. 


Growing up in this lifestyle gave Tony a unique advantage and immersion into business life.  During his most developmental years, Tony spent just as much time in and around business as he did in school - sometimes more.

Tony found a love for learning about human psychology at a young age.  He worked to understand other people’s emotions and how to effectively communicate with them.  At just fourteen years old, Tony became known among his peers as the “go to guy” for help with any relationship questions.

When Tony enrolled in college, it was easy to pick a major. Since counseling was already a major part of his life, he put his academic focus on family psychology. It was at this same time that Tony met the love of his life, Kristen. After just three years in college, Tony graduated with honors in a double major. 

Tony and Kristen got married in 2006 and started their amazing journey together. Tony has been able to use everything he’s learned about relationships, vulnerability, and communication to support his marriage and family. Through his own ups and downs, he began to recognize relationship struggles are real for everyone. Through this lens he found clarity in the value his services can bring, the importance of communication, and became determined to help others. 

Tony has started multiple mastermind groups to help people with personal and professional relationships. 


He’s remained a part of his family’s business through the years and in 2015 he bought into the partnership, which helped catapult his parents’ business to the next level. Tony has used business strategies to help the business grow FIVE times its size and increase sales seven-fold. 


Tony’s combined passion for business strategy and communication created a perfect synergy for coaching business owners to achieve more than they ever thought possible. 


Tony’s mission, which he has been pursuing for over two decades, is simple: Help transform one person’s life at a time.  

Tony employs many proven strategies in his approach to business and relationships.  His range of apprenticeships and coaching experiences give him customizable tools for each client. 


Tony dedicates himself to constantly learning, improving, and serving his clients in tangible, measurable ways. He says he doesn’t “try” to help you attain your goals. He “does.” 


Tony’s life work is dedicated to training those who are determined and ready for the next step in life but need the right resources to achieve their full potential.  Tony believes the greatness in everyone is only a few small shifts away.

Tony Mueller Coaches You to Achieve Your Goals

He leads with that same passion in all his engagements, whether one-on-one coaching, large corporate executive group training, or small mastermind coaching sessions.

Meet Tony with a

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